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Contemporary side of business consulting and accounting


Extensive experience as a foundation of quality

Capital Media is a project, management and accounting service that provides assistance to small and medium-sized enterprises through a wide range of services in the field of business consulting, representation and accounting services. They have extensive experience in both domestic and foreign markets, they are holders of certificates of creditworthiness excellence for over 10 years, which confirms the quality standard in business. They help their clients think outside the box and apply best business practices in their business.




UI / UX design
Icon and animation creation
Web Development

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Alignment of the website and business philosophy

The company follows the set values in its daily business in order to achieve the success of its own clients. Without compromising on the quality of services, they believe that the only indicator of their success is the success of their clients. This is the philosophy that their website should convey to customers and the previous website did not meet this, so they decided to redesign the website.

Clear communication with customers

The main goal of developing a new website is to clearly communicate to customers the company and its values in business. Enable customers to quickly and easily access information that interests them about the company. Clearly present the range of services and the way of doing business that the company offers to its clients. Show the values and qualities that the company nurtures in its work and relationship with clients.

Design in response

The main goal in defining the style of a website was to show the true qualities that a company applies in business. Highlight with essentially unobtrusive and refined design. A modern website that provides the necessary information through an elegant design and shows the essence of the company is our answer to their wishes.

Beauty and adaptability

Apart from the simple and clean design, the website is adapted to the needs of the client. Multilingualism of the site makes it easier to reach a larger number of users and makes it easier for the client to place information about services in other markets. The site is adapted to display on mobile phones and tablets, ie responsive, which makes it easily accessible and in line with today's trends. Although the company does not change the range of services and activities often, it is constantly improving and it is necessary for the content of the website to be in line with this progress. A custom CMS system allows the client to easily and independently update the information and content on the website.