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Designing the experience of buying tattoo equipment online


Professional tattoo equipment

Carantania Tattoo is a leading store of professional tattoo equipment. With an offer of over 6,000 items from leading tattoo equipment manufacturers, it is a favorite internet destination for many tattoo masters to buy. It offers professionals a diverse range, from consumables to salon equipment, and for most items they are the only authorized distributor at the regional level.




UI / UX design
Web application development

Custom features

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Always available products

The customer's goal is to have e-commerce that will be easy for current and new customers to use, facilitate the purchase process, provide visibility of products and information about them and be always available to every user. The task is to create a digital space in which professional products for tattoo professionals are displayed and always easily accessible, which will be easy to find and buy in it. The client receives over 70% of visits via mobile devices, so it is extremely important that the web shop is displayed well on all screen sizes, ie that all standards for creating a web application are met. The idea of the website is for Carantania Tattoo to be always available to its customers and to provide support and be a reliable partner through the most simple purchase process.

Carantania Tattoo Web Shop

Ease of online shopping

An important element to achieve is the simple e-commerce shopping process. We created it through a minimalist look, a user-friendly design and a different way of displaying products and information about them. The website is optimized for all users, those who want to browse and know more information about the products as well as for those who know what they want to buy and want to do it immediately, they are able to do it as quickly as possible, which was one of the goals of this website.

Carantania Tattoo Web Shop

Customization as a basis

The client is continuously working on expanding the business and products, and such an approach to business requires a website that can track the development of the company and the offer and meet the set goals. This is made possible by the development of fully customized functionalities or add-ons that allow the client maximum ease of entering new products, content, categories and pages as well as automation of numerous processes of web shop maintenance, presentation and product purchase.

Carantania Tattoo Web Shop