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work - Physiotherapie und Osteopathie für Kinder

Transferring part of the work atmosphere through web design


Expertise in a cheerful atmosphere

Working with children in this private practice in Böblingen is not just a profession but a mission and it is felt in every aspect of the collaboration. Expertise, understanding, a warm and cheerful atmosphere are the approach that practice offers children to feel comfortable and know they are in the right place. They adapt to children and their pace and create an environment in which they can safely develop their potential and concentrate on therapy. With the aim of the best therapy, in addition to the practice rooms, they also support the child at home or in a familiar environment.




UI / UX design
Web Development
Custom features

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Philosophy of practice in the digital space

Practice with the new website wants to convey to users its philosophy of work, to convey at least part of the work atmosphere and values that guide the work with small patients. The website should present the area of work and therapy that the practice offers and show the atmosphere and warmth with which they work with children. The goal is to develop a modern, cheerful, informative and visually appealing website that would allow them to faithfully portray the entire philosophy of practice in the digital space.

Transmitting emotions to users

When it comes to web site design, we decided to show the uniqueness of the way they approach their work. We used a cheerful palette of colors and elements of their branding that depict emotions, playfulness, movement, therapist support to achieve a complete display of emotions and convey them to users. We have created a modern, at the same time cheerful and fluid website that shows the features of practice - simple, playful, open, accessible and at the same time serious, professional and full of human warmth. The website evokes an atmosphere that welcomes children.

Custom modules for maximum benefit

In addition to the design challenge, we designed the website from custom modules to best meet the needs and goals of the practice. We have programmed a web that can track the needs and development of the practice so that it is easy to add new services, therapies, pages, important data, etc. One of the most important custom features that is important to practice is a weekly calendar in which practice records the day and time of training so they always can inform their users on time about appointments and possible changes. Customized functionalities provide them with better contact and relationship with customers, which is extremely important to them.