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work - Solidian and Kelteks

Connecting the company with customers and users by designing interactive websites


Innovation in action

solidian is a leading company when it comes to providing solutions for building structure. The company is committed to providing customer service, technical support and is a leader in providing global innovative fiber solutions.
kelteks is a specialist in technical and functional development and production of textile fittings with more than 30 years of industry experience composite. Their area is large-scale fiber production using state-of-the-art technology. With innovative operations, modern technologies and thinking about creating better and new solutions, these companies offer their customers solutions for the future.




UX Design
Animation development
Website development

Digital form of innovative solutions

They decided to transfer their commitment to development, innovation, progress and quality to digital form and improve their online presence. They want to get closer to customers and clients with an attractive user experience and stand out from the competition. We are pleased to work with clients looking for innovation and improvement in creating and developing their new websites, designing exceptional experiences for their clients and users, and highlighting their brands in the marketplace.

Getting closer to customers and standing out in the market

The goal of website redesign is to develop a dynamic and beautiful website that will attract and engage users and customers with an exceptional user experience. The website should enable companies to more easily and better present their services, products, culture and ways of doing business and show the values of their brands. Also, the goal is to strengthen the market position in relation to the competition and enable them to expand the market and gain new potential customers and partners.

Adapting the web to the needs of companies

We have created a modern website that leads users to important information and messages of brands, through a dynamic and animated display of visuals and graphics brings the offer and services closer to users.

Companies are constantly expanding their business and offer to their customers, so the entire web is completely tailored to their needs and business processes. We have implemented and customized all modules so that companies can easily add new pages, introduce new products, services, content and expand the web according to their own needs.

The website is optimized for loading speed to provide the best possible user experience. In this way of creating a website, we have enabled the web to become a means of communication and presentation of these brands, to grow with companies and adapt to their needs and be a useful tool in strengthening the value and position of their brands in the market.


Various façades can be realized with solidian reinforcements.


We are delivering complete non-corrosive systems for anti-seismic reinforcements.


Various applications in civil engineering benefit from solidian reinforcements.


solidian reinforcements can be used in a wide variety of infrastructure constructions.


solidian products provide valuable services in the field of restoration.


Solutions as part of a proven composite waterproofing system in conjunction with tiles.


Economic and durable reparation of all types of sewers with solidian products.


solidian reinforcement is the new solution for harsh environments.


solidian reinforcements can be processed in many ways in precast elements.


solidian products are also suitable for all enthusiastic hobby craftsmen in various applications.