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Tishler co. is a brand created quite by accident, from a few moments of free time here and there and continues as a completely serious hobby. Tishler products are made of domestic types of wood - beech, oak, fir, walnut. These are pieces of wood carefully shaped and thoughtfully turned into products that decorate the space and have a purpose. You can use Tishler boards as decorations that bring charm and warmth to everyday spaces, but also as an everyday help in preparing and serving food.


Visual identity
Photo production


UI / UX design
Animation development
Website development
Visual identity
Logo design
Packaging design
Print design

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Wood as inspiration

The beauty and warmth of wood was our inspiration in branding for Tishler. The goal is to emphasize wood as the material around which the whole story of this brand revolves. We decided to use wood rings from a real piece of wood as an element of Tishler's recognizability. We crossed out the rings of the tree by hand, left all the imperfections that were just perfect and fitted it into the story. We have added a serif font for the logo that emphasizes the style of the brand and the quality of woodworking to which it aspires. The overall impression is elegance and quality.

Tishler Co.
Tishler Co.
Tishler Co.

Continuation of the story on the web

We have transferred the story based on exceptional wood processing, design and product production, which at the same time provides a tangible experience of aesthetics and quality to the website. We designed and developed the website in a modern and elegant design that is a continuation of the product design. The simplicity of the website has allowed the emphasis to be placed on the product, along with the wood rings, and the warm color palette of the product story continues in the digital space. We've uploaded nature design to the web.

User experience meets functionality

The development of the website had to fulfill two important aspects: to enable an intuitive user experience and quality product display, and to be adapted to the needs of the brand. We have created the design of the website in such a way that it puts products and information in the foreground, that it manages the user to important and necessary information and that the user easily navigates the web.

We have developed a website with fully customized modules and a CMS that allow the site to grow with the needs of the brand. So, adding new pages, information and products is possible in a few clicks. It is also envisaged that the site can be easily upgraded to a web shop from the current product catalog. Thoughtful design and customized functionalities are the foundation for creating a quality user experience for both the brand and end users.

Great photos

Outstanding photos have the power to attract customers, highlight a product, and inspire potential customers. Quality photography truly says more about the product than any description, makes it desirable in a moment and highlights the brand over the competition.

The expertise, skillful eye and creativity in making photos for Tishler have resulted in content that speaks to the customer. Lifestyle photos show the product in an inspiring way providing information and ideas at the same time.

Tishler Co.