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Digital representation of digital security


Individual approach

Veek IT - CONSULTING is an IT consultant, especially for Linux and open source software in Stuttgart. Alexander is an expert in IT security, data recovery and IT protection solutions and an excellent collaborator. He is a competent partner for security issues in the digital world who bases his knowledge on experience and cooperation on a concept tailored to the client and the individual needs of the project.




UI / UX design
Web Development

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Keeping up with technology

As an expert who understands the achievements of the digital world, Alexander saw the shortcomings of his existing website and decided to completely redesign the web in order to free himself from the framework he was given. He wanted to better present his services and capabilities and the business opportunities he offers to his partners and clients. He wanted to bring closer and describe in more detail the diversity of areas of activity and the range of services it offers them. Introduce clients and users to all the pitfalls in the digital world regarding digital project security.

Simplicity as a guide

For the artistic direction of the new website, the guiding thread was simplicity. Simplicity in the design of the website that will enable transparency of information, easy availability and visibility of content, and at the same time emphasize the content that you want to get closer to users. We achieved this with the airy look of the page, interesting modern forms of visuals and graphic elements in the appropriate unobtrusive color palette. The site is clean in design, clear and modern. The design provides clarity of content.

A website that meets expectations

In addition to the classic simplicity, the web had to meet all the demands of today's market as well as customer expectations. Made to the latest standards, it is designed to be flexible and fully tailored to the client's goals. We have made it easy to add new pages and desired content so that the client can always supplement and expand existing content and the web itself. Today's technologies are developing and changing extremely fast, thus developing the modern security that is the basis of the client's business. The web is fully customized and meets the needs of the client to develop in line with the development of its services and innovations that it wants to provide to its users in a timely manner.